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I'm Dennis - the web designer and developer you never knew you needed! Based in Bucharest, Romania. As part of the new generation of tech-savvy professionals, I'm committed to helping businesses like yours express their unique identity through a fully customized and ultra-functional website that we've built together. And don't worry, I promise to make the process fun and painless (or at least as painless as coding can be)!

What can I do for you

If you're looking for a website that's truly unique and customized to your specific needs, look no further. I can provide you with the full package, from concept to implementation, ensuring that your site is built exactly as you envision it. And, as a skilled web designer and developer, I'm committed to creating websites that not only look great but also meet current performance standards, ensuring a seamless user experience for your visitors.

How I'll do that

My work ethic is simple: every project is built from scratch, using only the newest versions of programming languages that make up the web development field, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. I believe in staying up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques, so that I can create the best possible websites for my clients. And everything starts with a full custom design, also made from scratch using Figma, ensuring that every aspect of your website is tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.

Last but not least, WHY

Because every business has its own identity, from its logo to its website. I understand the importance of creating a website that accurately represents your brand and speaks to your target audience. That's why I'm committed to delivering websites that help you stand out and accurately represent your business identity.

Welcome to my website!
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