Children Playground Website Paty Magic

Paty Magic
Time frame
2 months
Budget range
2.000 - 2.500€
Cover photo Paty Magic project
Cover photo Paty Magic project

For the grand opening of Paty Magic, a children's playground, there was a need to develop a website that not only represented the business but also provided a glimpse into the essence of Paty Magic: a world filled with joy, cheerfulness, playful activities, and attentive care. I was granted the creative liberty to design something exceptional, a site that would appeal to and resonate with both parents and children.


In undertaking the task, I successfully fulfilled and even surpassed the project's objectives. One of the standout features was a custom-designed puzzle game, which I created to encapsulate the playful and imaginative spirit of Paty Magic. The website's design was crafted to be extremely user-friendly, appealing to both children and parents alike. This holistic approach to the website's design and functionality effectively captured the essence of joy and care that defines Paty Magic.

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