Culinary Blog Website Loredana Vlad

Loredana Vlad
Time frame
3 months
Budget range
2.000 - 3.000€
Cover photo Loredana Vlad project
Cover photo Loredana Vlad project

Loredana Vlad, renowned in Romania as an influencer famous for her exclusively vegan recipes, sought to expand her online presence beyond her well-followed Instagram account. The task was to provide an additional platform for her audience, with specific requirements: a minimalist design, tasteful presentation, and robust organization. These elements were meticulously integrated into the project, ensuring that the final result not only aligned with Loredana's vegan culinary identity but also provided a user-friendly and elegantly organized digital experience, complementary to her popular social media presence.


For Loredana, the project involved more than just refining her culinary blog to mirror her unique taste and approach. I further enhanced her existing website, integrating a new functionality that allows her to sell her courses. This feature not only extends her ability to assist and inspire her audience but also enriches her online presence. The update seamlessly blends with her established site, offering a cohesive and enriched experience for her followers, where culinary art meets educational opportunities.

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