Tattoo Studio Creative Website - The Shepherd Ink

The Shepherd Ink
Time frame
3 months
Budget range
3.000 - 4.000€
Cover photo The Shepherd Ink project
Cover photo The Shepherd Ink project

The Shepherd Ink Studio envisioned something distinctive, user-friendly, and animated for showcasing their tattoo salon and attracting potential clients. They wanted the focus to be on images, ensuring that the website's user experience is as enjoyable and engaging as a conversation in their salon. This project was not just about creating a digital presence but about capturing the essence of their brand and translating the welcoming and artistic atmosphere of their studio into an online format.


I'm grateful for the creative freedom granted to me by The Shepherd Ink Studio. This, along with their open communication, allowed me to create a website that's not just functional, but also a true reflection of their brand. The site embodies the essence of The Shepherd Ink Studio, showcasing its unique character and spirit.

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